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New paper about Password-Protected Secret Sharing

Highly-Efficient and Composable Password-Protected Secret Sharing (Or: How to Protect Your Bitcoin Wallet Online) Stanislaw Jarecki, Aggelos Kiayias, Hugo Krawczyk, Jiayu Xu,  Abstract: PPSS is a central primitive introduced by Bagherzandi et al [BJSL10] which allows a user to store a secret among n servers such that the user can later reconstruct the secret with the sole possession

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New publication about lower cost PIR

  Lower-Cost epsilon-Private Information Retrieval. Raphael R. Toledo, George Danezis, Ian Goldberg Abstract: Private Information Retrieval (PIR), despite being well studied, is computationally costly and arduous to scale. We explore lower-cost relaxations of information-theoretic PIR, based on dummy queries, sparse vectors, and compositions with an anonymity system. We prove the security of each scheme using a

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Panoramix Research Publications

ANONYMOUS MESSAGING:  HORNET: High-speed Onion Routing at the Network Layer. Chen Chen, Daniele Enrico Asoni, David Barrera, George Danezis, Adrian Perrig Abstract: We present HORNET, a system that enables high-speed end-to-end anonymous channels by leveraging next generation network architectures. HORNET is designed as a low-latency onion routing system that operates at the network layer thus enabling

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