The Panoramix project

Panoramix Project

The main goal of PANORAMIX is to provide privacy via mix-networks.

Mix-nets are networks of servers that receive messages from multiple senders, shuffle them, and then send them to their final destination. The main idea given by the model of a mix-net is as follows: Mix-nets take in a set of messages, shuffle them, and output them such that it is not possible to find the correspondence between inputs and outputs, thus allowing truly anonymous communications. To achieve this, mix-nets modify both the appearance of messages (using cryptographic primitives), and their order (using some form of batching or reordering strategy).
They can be used in any application where communication privacy and anonymity are required. The Internet was not designed with anonymity in mind, and therefore all information flows can be traced to their origins, unless specific measures are taken.  A mix-net provides a powerful and versatile such measure. The primary application of PANORAMIX concerns the development of a comprehensive mix-net infrastructure for exploitation in many possible use-cases, both for-profit and non-profit (such as public administration).  A mix-network is an absolutely critical technological infrastructure for guaranteeing strong privacy for European users and organizations.