New publication from PANORAMIX members to appear in ASIACRYPT 2016

The PANORAMIX members Aggelos Kiayias and Thomas Zacharias in joint work with Foteini Baldimtsi and Bingsheng Zhang will present their work “Indistinguishable Proofs of Work or Knowledge”  (PoWorKs) at the ASIACRYPT conference that will be held in December 4-8 2016, Hanoi, Vietnam.

PoWorKs constitute a novel class of interactive protocols where a prover can convince a verifier that she has either performed work or that she possesses knowledge of a witness to a public statement without the verifier being able to distinguish which of the two has taken place. Efficient PoWorK construction -that can be seen as compilers of standard Sigma protocol instantiations- may find interesting applications such as privacy-preserving spam email reduction and cryptocurrencies with enhanced robustness.

A full version of the paper can be found at the following URL: