Panoramix Panel at CPDP 2018

PANORAMIX recently attended CPDP  in Brussels for the second time.  This time round instead of presenting the work of PANORAMIX in the form of a demo (CPDP2017 demo) we hosted a panel on “Anonymous Communications Infrastructures for the Protection of Metadata”.


Chair Aggelos Kiayias, University of Edinburgh (UK)
Claudia Diaz, KU Leuven (BE)
Eleni Kosta, Tilburg University (NL); Carmela Troncoso, EPFL (CH); Gus Hosein, Privacy International (UK)

Panel Description:

Anonymous communication infrastructures are a key building block for the protection of online privacy. While the last years have seen a dramatic increase in the integration of end-to-end encryption for the protection of communications content, the protection of metadata has received far less attention, with the Tor network being the sole large scale system in place. This panel is sponsored by the Panoramix project, which aims to build an anonymous communications infrastructure for applications such as messaging, voting, and survey collection, that offers better privacy protection than Tor. The panel will discuss the goals, challenges, and tradeoffs involved in deploying anonymous communications infrastructures, bringing together technical, legal, policy and civil society perspectives.

  • What are the available anonymous communication infrastructures, why do we need them, what do they provide?
  • What are the legal, technical and societal challenges to broader deployment of these infrastructures?
  • What is the future of anonymous communication networks?

Video of the PANORAMIX panel at CPDP 2018: