Panoramix meets Tor: Work package 7 F2F meeting March 27-28th Amsterdam

In this exciting face-to-face meeting organized by Greenhost, Panoramix members will meet with the long-standing Tor network to discuss lessons learned by Tor in practical development of anonymity systems, as well as discuss with various developers (over 50 will be attending the Tor f2f as a whole) interested in mix networking. Afterwards, Panoramix members will work through various designs for server-to-server and client-to-server mix networking based on the provably secure Sphinx packet format (currently being updated by UCL), overviewing the design options and, based on empirical research, making concrete choices to determine the Panoramix design and parameters for real-world deployment. The meeting will end with an invited lecture “Is Privacy-Enhanced Secure Messaging Possible? The Panoramix Design”  by project partners Claudia Diaz, Harry Halpin, Aggelos Kiayias, Thomas Zacharias at the CryptoAction Symposium at CWI by invitation of EU COST Action Cryptography for Secure Digital Interaction. Details for those wanting to attend the lecture on Panoramix is given here: Interested developers may also stop by the Tor meeting, with instructions given here: