An alpha version of our mix network based on the Loopix design  has been released!

It is available to download from Google Play:

The current playground demonstrates the use of a Katzenpost mixnet for e-mail: Users can register with our “playground providers”, and then use a local SMTP and POP3 proxy to send and receive messages with whichever mail client they want to use. The Android demo shows how to use the mailproxy API to more tightly integrate Katzenpost with a mail client, in this case K-9 Mail.

Katzenpost can be used as a message oriented transport for a variety of applications and is in no way limited to the e-mail use case demonstrated by the mailproxy client/library. Other possible applications of Katzenpost include but are not limited to: instant messenger applications, crypto currency transaction transport, bulletin board systems, file sharing and so forth.

In addition to encouraging downloads from Google Play, we are now inviting testers of our software (Linux/Mac/Android), and reviewers of our specification documents and general documentation.

If you want to contribute please see:

All feedback is welcome!

This is joint work by PANORAMIX partners CCT, Greenhost, GRNET and KU Leuven.